Motivated and inspired to take some constructive steps towards assisting in primary and lower education to the poorest of poor children of the society so to help in spreading the lamp of education in the society, a group of few progressive women with a philanthropic bent of mind started the Akshar society led by Mrs Reeta Kuhad, wife of founder trustee Shri Paras Kuhad.

In accordance with the Vision & Objects of the Trust, the Trust is giving financial support (approximately 80 %) to Akshar Society. The goal of Akshar Society is to reach out to the children belonging to the most vulnerable and deprived sections of society.

The society started its first school in Kathputli Nagar, Kachhi Basti on Jaisingh Highway Road, Jaipur in 1996.  At present the Society is running four schools, having strength of about 650 students, for the under privileged children of the kachhi basties in Jaipur.

The children are taught in an integrated manner. There is no age limit in a class. It’s a multi grade multi level teaching pedagogy. An 11-year-old student is also studying in the same class as a 3-year-old child i.e. in K.G. according to the needs of the students. There is a provision of conducting terminal exams on every fourth Saturday of the month to analyze the progress of the child. Along with teaching, children are also given some vocational training so as to make them self-reliant.

Major Highlights

1.  A nominal fee structure of Rs. 100/- per annum is charged, which, is a great motivator to the economically weak section of
slums to send their children for education.

2.  To keep the students abreast with the advanced technology in IT, the Akshar society trains them in Computers. They have
3 computers.

3.  Extra Curricular Activities are regular feature of these schools.

4.  Counseling of Parents & Students is done to ensure high enrolment & retention.

5.  Networking with the main Stream Schools & Scholarships

6.  Medical Care is our integral part of holistic childhood care.

7.  Net working with NGO’S And Local Citizens to seek community support.